Month: April 2017

Determine the real business opportunities need to solve the seven big step

determines the real business opportunities through a large number of case studies to determine how the opportunity to choose the business, and the conclusion is a set of business opportunities for the analysis method, called "the seven big step". It is a kind of thinking and working method which is very important to the new company and the mature company.

here is to make clear what is the market? One is which side of the value chain in the market? To determine their marketing channel in which to compare who compete with you, where is your opportunity.

third step: find the market demand point read more

Housing prices are rising housing prices in Zhengzhou city status

prices in the daily life of the whole society has been concerned about the need to buy a house, of course, can not miss the understanding of the price, the majority of investment passengers, of course, can not relax for the master of the price! China Index Research Institute in November 30th released data show that 100 cities in 82 cities housing prices fell. In December 12th, Zhengzhou city housing security and the real estate management bureau released data show that in November Zhengzhou city commercial housing sales price of 9760 yuan per square meter per square meter in August is also the urban housing prices rose to 10 thousand yuan, below 10 thousand yuan mark for the first time in 4 months. read more

Enjoy the popular online doll tracing five star hotel service

doll is one of the children’s favorite childhood playmates, recently a rabbit doll was lost in a hotel owner. The hotel staff whim, help the doll in the online tracing and quickly became popular, and now this doll has returned to the owner side.

Ireland a Jellycat plush rabbit doll was host to a five star hotel, the hotel staff’s help, Facebook opened a magical "tracing" tour, popular network.

It is reported that

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Free water warm

believe that many people have such experience, go out to work, no matter what the weather is hot, thirsty are generally a variety of drinks mineral water, want to drink hot water is not easy. However, go out to work, passing a bus station next to the shop, far from the window to see the shop on the label affixed to the free water supply. Are engaged in the operation of this line, for the practice of others I usually pay attention to other people’s good marketing strategy I will learn from, so I went into the store to find out exactly what. read more

How old the whole Steamed Rice chops taste

China ancestors for the most essential to maximize the retention of food flavor, with a lot of methods, for example with the jar, with the barrel. A crock soup jar, wooden cask meal. But in the Chinese wooden food has a long history, its production process is simple and unique, with more than two thousand years ago, the ancient native cooking method, taste the old pork Steamed Rice high-quality first-class rice, with the finest selection of spices, placed on the lotus leaf, barrel bone, the use of modern environmental protection steam cooking, through multiple processes, cooked with wood fragrance the faint fragrance, lotus color flavor and taste of the lotus leaf steamed Steamed Rice cask. This steamed out of the authentic steamed rice, the rice nutritional essence of highly conserved protein, is the customer favorite. read more

A forest Hand Pulled Noodle join details ask

Chinese fast food with China middle class expansion and the rise, according to statistics, the Chinese fast food enterprises per unit area the total annual turnover of up to about fifteen thousand, of which Hand-Pulled Noodle operating income is higher than other fast food products, Hand-Pulled Noodle is a small investment risk, flexible benefits, high rate of return to join the project.

is a forest Hand-Pulled Noodle more in line with people’s eating habits, can choose more kinds of taste, looks more appetite and more reasonable nutrition collocation, more healthy, more profound cultural advantage. A recipe for forest Hand-Pulled Noodle heritage ancestors, sophisticated materials taste and taste, the majority of consumers, the market is hot, Unlimited Business Opportunities. read more

U Ding take food cooperation

home family and friends gathered at a time is not to worry about what to eat ah, for businesses, consumers such worries is a huge opportunity, if you can make one as much as possible to meet consumer demand for restaurants, so you can not seize the opportunity to get rich? U Ding dish to join delicious unlimited, quickly seize the initiative, u Ding take food investment potential, make money more relaxed! So, u Ding dish official website join mode have several kinds of? We look together below!

u Ding dish cooperation mode: read more

Royal Chef Restaurant to join make money

catering industry, has been a very hot choice. As we all know, the hot market, popular project, successful entrepreneurs how to be nothing difficult! The Royal chef cooking? A good project, the success of venture worthy of trust. How about joining the Royal chef? Good market opportunities!

joined the Royal chef cooking? Cooking with royal chef crystal pot, professional crystal plate, forming a unique delicacy, more and more consumers in the taste of love this special delicacy, have the praise. The project is focused on the connotation and concept of Western-style food meal in a furnace, through the "stew" and "hot" and "bake" of food dishes, guaranteed to provide features for consumers to enable consumers to delicacy, the love are not released. read more

Why take food brands good business

in today’s food and beverage business venture, a lot of businesses to take food to join this project are very interested. It is because of the rise of the price of vegetables to join the investment, making the food became a hot item in the food and beverage industry. We believe that online or in other places, have also seen a lot of articles and data at the dish bottom material and formula, if you are eating, or for their own practice you can try, if it is to take food as a career to do, really want to store or do. To such big brands to choose Hibiscus tree. What are the reasons for the selection of Hibiscus trees? read more

How small sling Sichuan

China catering market is much, no one can give an exact definition, but just from our life can be seen, you can see countless snack shop anywhere, restaurant. Whether it is a school or commercial street, surrounded by numerous brands of food and beverage stores, food and beverage market is the kind of immeasurable. Everyone has their own choice, some people choose to devote themselves to the cause of science and culture, some people choose to start their own business, and some people choose to be a freelancer. As long as it is not suitable for their own inappropriate, and food entrepreneurs choose the same brand. Choose their own food and beverage brand project is an important step in the road of entrepreneurship. read more

Now enterprise project Raching lighting join

now, choose a good business to join the project, is very important. And now the most fiery entrepreneurial projects, Raching lighting project. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Raching lighting project, is very business choice!

Zhongshan Raching lighting is a comprehensive enterprise internationalization based on the professional lighting products, intelligent lighting LED lamps, LED power R & D and production, the company strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality assurance system, strictly control the production process, the production of the product quality too hard, and through the quality certification authority, has a strong product market competitiveness, access to multi praise. read more

Hefei preferred Venus dry cleaning

as everyone knows, today’s entrepreneurs are very much, they venture is a very troublesome problem, if you want to ask the rich business project now, Hefei is a good choice for you, then, how much consumers trust the Venus dry cleaning?

so what’s the secret to making money in the dry cleaning industry?

investment in dry cleaning industry to make money is the secret?

join the dry cleaning industry to make money what is the secret?

each industry has its own rules and the secret of making money, only mastered these tips, you can more easily make money. When it comes to dry cleaning, a lot of people think that dry cleaning is very simple, in fact, it seems that there are a lot of dry cleaning tips to make money, and now, let us know what is the secret of the dry cleaning industry to make money? read more

Tianyi Square Small underwear underwear brand big business Business

in fact, the choice of business investment underwear market, is a very hot market. How Tianyi Square underwear? Small underwear business opportunities. For business with a small capital entrepreneur, joining Tianyi Fang underwear project is very business choice!

Tianyi Square underwear accounted for more than half of the layer site of the mall, every season one like clothing as a lingerie workshop a popular trend, these years the concept of development to become a female underwear consumption and fashion. read more

Do business also need to master the psychology shop

when it comes to psychology, a lot of people may feel very profound, in fact, in our daily lives, we need to master some of the psychology, especially the shop to do business. Operating a seemingly simple thing actually really want to shop, the store opened, the author thinks that the success, in addition to have some marketing knowledge, must also understand some common sense psychology, if we can through the science of psychology to understand the mentality of customers, to meet customer needs, to provide satisfactory service to customers. So, our business will be one upmanship. How to understand customer psychology, according to customer psychology to meet customer needs? read more