Vanuatu beat PNG in hockey extra time

first_imgThe Vanuatu boys who only had months of preparation after cyclone Pam bounced back from the devastation having a majority of the possession of the ball; eventually winning the game 8-6.Vanuatu opened the score in the first half from Ben Sam, then captain Hiro Mamu easily dribbled the ball into PNG’s goal mouth to score and they  led 2-0.PNG’s Martin Kanamon responded with a goal catching up 2-1 however Vanuatu maintained their dominence of the ball possession, taking every open opportunity to strike at goal.The second period saw Vanuatu open the goal collection, extending their lead to 3-1 which PNG responded to, closing the lead 3-2PNG’s Hussein Lowah responded with PNG’s third goal, striking the ball from the half way line of the pitch and levelling the score board at 3 all.Lowah then attempted to get another goal however the hit was too hard. Martin Kanamon’s strong hit from the half way line found Vanuatu’s goalie box,  putting PNG in front 4-3.This did not stop Vanuatu from persevering to get more points with captain Hiro Namu equalizing the score 4 all from a penalty shoot out.Sapau Tapo with a long ball got PNG back in front 5-4 just seconds before the end of period 2.In period 3, Vanuatu’s Ben Sam scored his second goal for the match, bringing the score to 5 all.With just minutes to go, Kanamon flicked the ball into Vanuatu’s box to score, dnd PNG lead 6-5.Strong efforts by the Vanuatu captain Namu successfully levelled the score 6 all at full time.The match then went to challenge or what is normally called extra time with 3 players from each side allowed 8 seconds to dribble past the goalie one on one.Vanuatu’s Ben Sam and captain Namu managed to score in the one on one against PNG’s goalie Yahee Kusunan.PNG failed in its two attempts to get a goal, leaving the Vanuatu boys to walk away very happy, winning 8-6.last_img