Talking about the difference between ZBlog and WordPress and the installation of ZBlog

has just started planning the establishment of a personal blog, I have considered the use of WordPress, but finally chose ZBlog, have to say is that WordPress is a blog program inside the leader, whether it is from the plug-in, or the number of templates, is the most, and the most important is WP users more, but ZBlog for our personal webmaster, WordPress still has many advantages of


first of all, WordPress operation is slow, for our SEO lovers, it is to increase a lot of drawbacks, optimization WordPress takes time, need to go to WordPress to understand enough.

we all know that our domestic php space is very expensive, corresponding to ASP, it should be a lot of expensive. Then everybody knows that WordPress is pretty complicated, and it’s going to take a while to get to know it all, like we’re doing our personal websites in our spare time, and time is money. Another is WordPress, for SEO, although listening to friends say weight is very high, but it’s maintenance is more troublesome. Then there are not enough templates for Chinese people to read. This is not as good as ZBlog. ZBlog can be used well with CMS and forum programs at home.

and I are going to talk about ZBlog, ease of use is one of the biggest ZBlog flash point, from installation to configuration, and then to use and optimize this, like a very handy, can be very simple and easy to operate. From the start ZBlog installation, manual and automatic installation package, you can use the automatic installation package, directly uploaded to the space inside, then online decompression, installation steps in only a few steps, so you save the file upload time, and don’t go to tube blind how to set the directory right limit. Personally, I think manual installation is generally just for post – upgrade and problem fixing of blogs. Configuration is also very simple, in the website settings management, basically all can be done, and its function is very powerful, careful excavation will make you want to harvest. The theme installation was silly, and ZBlog provided a large number of templates for online installation and downloaded very quickly, eliminating the need for webmasters to download templates and upload templates. Plug-in installation fool, so that it can help the webmaster save a lot of time. In addition, it has an independent online file management feature that eliminates the trouble of changing files without FTP software. When you create a new article, you can define the time and URL to publish your articles, which are not comparable to wordpress.

, if I look at the two programs from the SEO’s point of view, it doesn’t make much difference. It’s very powerful, but ZBlog is a little simpler,


is now the age of Web2.0, me >