Site must be planning analysis production perfect and then on line

if you have a good idea, then make a good plan, analysis, and then make it out, of course, now you can download the source code to use.

early must plan, analysis, improve and then opened, so give the search engine a good impression, that is, you start is very good. Can not figure the early on-line, as soon as possible to collect ideas to do. I wrote the sea music network is just beginning, did not make good planning, analysis on the line, and then after no digital changes. It is very unfavorable to optimize the development.

personally summed up a little bit of experience, but also in the fumble of a little experience:

1 site positioning must be clear, column deployment is the same, late change column navigation, and so on will have a greater impact on the site.

2 key problems, at least to locate a good site keywords, pre designed and all your efforts are moving in this direction than your keyword analysis later summed up the key and then try to save more. Hateful, I did it in a hurry.

3 web site title is best to set the name should not be too long, it is best to include the site’s key words, it is best to appear two times, because whether it is Baidu or Google, the title of the station is the highest weight. Of course, set keyword and description, we have seen a lot of, and will not repeat it.

4 site static. This is very vulgar, but because I just started doing the pseudo static, late a lot of problems, but also made a static, so this is more profound.

5 file directory not too deep, so at least for spiders to grab data. Met a friend of the station, 2 months, he included 4000 pages. Really admire, he specializes in optimization, see his only 2 directory, this I think certainly effective.

6 generation HTML file name must be short, it distracted me. When I was writing the program, I was too lazy. ID that is directly generated by that program system. It’s too long to make a file name.. Now change it, the collection is gone, let him go.

7 HTML title setting problem, general classification page to be made: category + site name, article flow page made: article title + article category + website name

, a friend suggested, "I think many forums do.". It should be better this way.

8 article original or pseudo original, we all clear, update insist.

above is my little experience in my study.

now hope to discuss with you is that I insist on updating the original, online search articles, but also after the correction. Originally included has been very fast, if the original, I can not send up a day, can certainly be included. But now Baidu is decreasing every day. The original keywords rank >