Content entrepreneurship Red Treasure Book insight reports from the media reader behavior

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content entrepreneurial wave at an unimaginable speed, ignited the enthusiasm of Chinese creators.

in the last 2 years, the content of entrepreneurial hot, different styles from the media to attract the attention of readers and consumption potential. Some of them in the post Yao silent flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum trace, some became vertical segments of the authority, some are still looking for the most suitable profit model or explore untapped gold.

on the media readers, and rich information, also brings many problems, such as information false ones, content quality uneven in quality. In the Red Sea from the media supply, the reader how to allocate their attention?

Penguin smart cool released from the media user research report, the focus will be interpreted as follows:

what are the characteristics of the media reader’s attention list?

what type of public number attract readers top


what are the reasons for concern and cancellation of attention


readers are concerned about what channels from the media?

which media pays the way readers are more willing to pay?

The following is the full report of


A. research conclusions:

consumer attention is always scarce. 90% readers focus on less than 50 from the media.

78.3% reader high frequency / since the number of media from less than 5.

60% more users are more concerned about the original content.

circle of friends is the first channel of public concern for readers.

nearly 20% of readers believe that the public number is the preferred channel for access to information.

B. forever scarce attention

opened the public number of pages, a piece of red dot unread information, probably a lot of people accustomed to the phenomenon, but this does not prevent us from the circle of friends or other ways to focus on discovering new public no.. We investigated the number of people concerned about the total number of public WeChat and the number of public concern / high frequency number. 5


content flooding, consumer attention is limited. From a quantitative point of view, the number of users concerned about the public 10-50 accounted for up to 46.6%, followed by the attention of the following 10, accounting for 43%. More than 50 people concerned about the number of public accounts for only about 10%.

nearly 80% users concerned about the high frequency or the public number is not more than 5. In addition, the number of readers concerned about the 50 public numbers, the monthly income of more than 8000 yuan, the proportion was significantly higher than the monthly income of less than $8000.

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