How to make use of part time jobs to make money

entrepreneurship this year to do what the most profitable

new year, in the new year, do not want to live the "Youth Day chaotic" now is the time for action, use this time to study a few years ago, a good project, continue to strive for a new life in a new year! Today I will recommend a few good projects 2015.

first, ice painting project, seize market wealth.

a piece of glass, after the processing of high-tech level, can be worth over several times or dozens of times. This project is on common glass substrates, using special equipment after special treatment, you can become a beautiful and vivid effect, imaging products, photos of the elegant atmosphere, temperament, to a piece of glass given God like aura. Is the home decoration, hotel decoration decoration. And no experience, no need for high investment, do not need the art foundation, under the guidance of professional manufacturers, the teacher can quickly get started. Production and processing of the store just a few tens of square meters, 1-2 people can operate normally. Estimated investment of 30 thousand yuan.

second, open shop at home, make money easier

At present, many

online shop, in addition to our everyday understanding of Taobao, pat, Jingdong, Suning and other well-known shopping sites outside the shop; and Eton, fifth generation automatic recharge software can open a virtual recharge shop; then cloud exchange mall, business intelligence and customer online store software and so on, not out of order. It is a superb collection of beautiful things. But I still feel that the use of shop baby in Taobao to sell goods in kind shop more reliable. The first baby shop is by Shanghai business Agel Ecommerce Ltd, independent research and development, specifically for online business users to design a set of clothing, footwear, bags, food, 3C digital, small commodities and various supplies in one of the physical distribution system. Have their own four warehouses, have their own materials procurement and warehouse management, the company a huge team. In addition, the software itself is equipped with multiple server multi-threaded, stable performance, safe, fast, very suitable for young entrepreneurs who do not have much money. Is expected to invest about 1000 yuan, including the basic version of the agency fee of $600 and $400 at any time to extract the working capital.

third, do training and education, to help school.

all know that children make the best money, and now many city parents are salaried, work 8 hours a day, there is no time to have children, let alone learning counseling, is a problem child shuttle, especially at noon break time is more nervous. Time has become the biggest barrier between adults and children! The student park greatly reduce the burden of parents, can give children a nutritious lunch and a good student garden not only every day, another highlight is to help school tutoring. Each child charges 30 yuan per day (including meals for $15, counseling 10-15 yuan / day), according to the monthly count of 20 yuan is $600. The 20 children are close to 150 thousand each year. Estimated investment of 50 thousand yuan