Blog marketing from where to do

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I established Alibaba blog has two days of the time, but the number of visiting the blog click reached 99 people, but the number to click on my blog basically is 0, I don’t know how is my blog from posted the article is not good, or not attractive to read these articles, I have been thinking about. I also in the past few days, Sina, Tianya forum has established a blog, but the same content, there are still people visit. This time I do my "love"

: the first is to learn marketing blog, I never seriously write a blog, are more famous blog full of water paste, see a good post, and their own website to stay, and that I really do e-commerce online to do their own car when what things are is not easy, but although these days no blog traffic, I was constantly thinking, because I believe I can increase people’s blog traffic: why can’t I, so I will have time to go to see the big star blog. read more

Gomez Chinese website user experience website ranking and first

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e-commerce has never been like this into our work and life today, the site has never been the impact of the performance of today’s electronic business development. Through the analysis of more than 150 sites of the 150 million page hits, Gomez Benchmarks found that the surface response time increased from 2 seconds to 10 seconds, the page will give up the rate of increase of 38%. How to enhance the loyalty of visitors to the page, the world’s leading Web application performance monitoring and analysis of the depth of the company Gomez Benchmarks gives the answer. read more

The fiasco in 2012

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look at ten success stories, rather than watch a failure story more alert. Groupon funding strand breaks, 24 coupons unlimited business, D web and the death of red child "sale", "point 100 boss run away, poly mesh products, NVC died Rashomon, star jibian paralysis, Suntech shengsijie, LDK LDK debt crisis… In 2012, the so-called doomsday, living for these companies is the most extravagant thing!

a, electricity supplier articles: closures

alive, electricity supplier is the most happy thing. The bubble was fierce, a general manager to charge a monthly salary of 60 thousand, this money game who still play? When the flashy fade, the conversion rate of flow, what are the clouds, your cash is god. read more

Wangfujing department store electricity supplier platform on the line the price of goods and the sto

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Wangfujing online store line (Sina pictures)

newspaper news (reporter Hu Xiaohong) with the traditional brand enterprises involved in e-commerce industry, traditional department stores have frequent contacts. There are new China’s first shop, the name of the Wangfujing Department Store Group announced yesterday that its huge sums of money to build a formal operation of the electricity supplier platform.

reporter yesterday to log on to the mall to see the Wangfujing, the site has on-line beauty, men and women clothing, shoes, jewelry, jewelry accessories, outdoor sports, home life and other categories. Daily economic news reporter noted that the sale of goods in the Wangfujing mall and the store has some overlap, the price is basically the same. Currently, the Wangfujing launched a full court orders free shipping policy of $399. read more

Genealogy network great master database to help people xungenwenzu

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star Brad · and Peter Bama; what is the relationship? The answer is representative of ninth brothers. Their common ancestor named Evan · Hickman, born in 1690. Evan’s son, little Evan, was ·’s seventh great grandfather; and the other son of James, the son of the great grandfather of the other, was the great grandfather of the seventh generation, the family of the mother of the mother of the great, the great great great great great great great great great great great great great great deal, and that of the other, the great grandfather of the family of the generation of the great mother, the son of the great mother of the sons of the sons of the great, the mother of the sons. read more

say justice for the first video

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the first video in the Internet business in the first advertisement all stopped, for the earthquake relief in the free public service ads, advertising links to the first video made public program of earthquake relief page, have said: the first video to your own website.


I would like to say: the first video to do so:

first, because the first video is state-owned enterprises, to respond to the call of the country’s first handsome; say: not all of the subsequent advertising sites, including Sina, etc. have stopped it? read more

One week news review 5sing by the cool dog rebirth Nora was acquired or disappeared

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1 "Nora event" insider: xiangeqing closeted key in the debt

this is the fastest 15 days, as well as Wang xin.

June 26th, the Guangdong Provincial Communications Authority to Nora served administrative penalty decision, Nora dissemination of pornographic information through the Internet was revoked value-added telecommunications business license. On the same day, the Shenzhen trade and Industry Bureau Nora infringement of intellectual property punishable by a fine of 260 million yuan. read more

The rise of the domain name of network mobilization in the era of Education

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with the development of Internet, more and more education institutions continue to cross network education websites in China such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like blossom everywhere, recently some domestic educational institutions at the opening of the new domain name, domain name or on-line website move attention, also let the author attention to the education industry domain, educational institutions, more and more attention to the domain name strategy now, choose a good domain name plays a vital role in the enterprise and the site in the future long-term development, what kind of domain name and education industry has a margin of read more

Baidu World Congress network innovation world

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is a shining red dot, and beyond the horizon; a blue dot will dance; music continues to surge, many red and blue, jumping, together; the gorgeous Baidu color, eventually merge into a shiny curve……

2009 Baidu Technology Innovation Conference, in such a group of extremely cool visual impact of the beautiful opening. "From you, the new world", hanging in the venue in front of quad screen, let every corner of the hall are immersed in the most intense sensory experience. Friends from all parties guests gathered in the banquet hall China Hotel, set sail on a colorful world of innovation. read more

nvestors talk about VR VR’s color has just begun

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the second half of last year, the capital circle on O2O that pale, entrepreneurs are afraid to say that they do O2O; in the second half of this year, the capital circle has become a VR color…… In China’s Internet technology entrepreneurship, the capital market has become a benchmark for entrepreneurship. Where to go to the capital, where entrepreneurs go, this is actually a very dangerous signal, there is a blind follow suit.

most investors are the failure of entrepreneurs, is bound to look at each industry with a loser’s read more

Webmaster network daily broadcast the direct purchase of the Pacific direct purchase of the abolitio

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1 daily nearly ten thousand Taobao shop outage: complaints and penalties for violations of pressure

young Taobao sellers karoshi karoshi reflects the hardships of online entrepreneurs. Reporters learned yesterday, Taobao (micro-blog) every day the number of closures or closures of nearly ten thousand, operating pressure mainly from customer complaints and platform violations penalties.

, according to a report released by the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, said the existing professional sellers Taobao about 6000000, newly registered nearly 10000 per day, the number of outages or close the seller daily nearly ten thousand. Shop operators are the main pressure of customer complaints and Taobao punishment. read more

Domain name server was the two large scale attack 5 million times per second

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multiple domain name system root server was attacked two times in the early last week, each attack lasted for up to one or two hours, the root server up to a query request received up to 5 million times per second.


technology news Beijing time on December 11th morning news, a number of DNS root server was attacked two times in early last week, every attack lasted one or two hours, most of these root servers when the query requests received per second up to 5 million times.

when the user enters a domain name in the browser, the root server is the final authority to determine which IP address to return. read more

Google released the latest ranking information website generally enhance

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Google’s Doubleclick recently announced a global web site in July, the number of independent visits TOP1000 ranking (excluding Google’s own website and adult sites). In the top 20 Google rankings, there are 6 from China, in addition to Sina and Tencent, as well as Baidu and, shopping site Taobao, video site Youku, Tencent’s search site is also ranked among them. Although Facebook ranked first in the world, but the performance of China’s SNS site is not good, only one person to enter the top 100 network. read more

The QQ hacking fraud behind the black chain gang collaboration hacking fraud

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steal QQ account, then the fake account owner to borrow money from friends on QQ, and even provide video for people to identify"…… "QQ hacking fraud" occurred frequently, users why frequently fooled? The day before, Jingan District procuratorate prosecution of QQ hacking fraud.

QQ chat encounter friends to borrow

25 year old Liu is a company’s white-collar workers in Jingan District, at 4:45 on March 11th, when he was working in the company, a friend Zhang QQ number jumped out. Zhang is a partner of the company, sent a video, video shows him in front of the camera shake. read more

Sohu denies the abolition of content without editing the news department rumors Chen Zhaohua early n

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technology news November 14th noon news today, according to the blue whale media reports, the upcoming reform of Sohu, gradually removing content department, and is no longer set the edit posts, positioning Sohu news portal will be changed from the media platform, Sohu chief editor Chen Zhaohua also or will leave. In this regard, Chen Zhaohua revealed to sina science and technology, recently being on vacation, in consideration of future career planning, may still do content, the current inconvenience revealed. Insiders said that Chen Zhaohua will leave in January next year. According to rumors of abolition of editorial department, Sohu official said it will strengthen the editing, rather than weaken or cancel. The media Sohu deputy editor in chief fan hero also denied the revoked Department rumors. read more

Love the chef announced the completion of ten million A round of financing to cover the year 20 cit

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[Abstract] at present, the chef claimed on the platform of love has more than 1500 professional chefs, more than 50 registered users, daily orders over 1200 single.


technology news (Le Tian) July 7th news, today announced that it has completed the chef love million dollars A round of financing, led Party voted for the delta capital, 500 lottery network with cast bronze capital as the exclusive financial advisor. Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing. read more

Grassroots webmaster simple survival market segmentation is the beginning of the dream

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in the circle, their common name is "webmaster".

when the media are focusing on Zhang Zhaoyang and Robin Li, there is a group of "grassroots", they rely on intuition founded some personal website, these people do not have foreign aura, many people even went to university, but they rely on superb web technology and outstanding business acumen, complete the accumulation of wealth, but also not a few.

"black apple" and "graph king", "gJj" and "mumayi", in recent years, "webmaster General Assembly will mention the name". By money, ideas and thoughts like the wind free living conditions…… "Behind the grassroots chic," failure, frustration, there are countless rational return after trial and error. read more

2017 Tencent WeChat new goal kill your wallet entity membership card

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news December 28th, in the morning of the open class WeChat Pro Tencent, WeChat staff said that the future WeChat will support the virtual membership card function, for businesses through the Tencent WeChat to obtain more accurate user data, the membership card function to the extreme.

We usually use

membership cards, businesses to obtain personal information due to privacy issues of fraud, by Tencent big data, will guarantee privacy under the premise of obtaining more accurate user data, simplify the membership registration process, to achieve more functions of membership card. read more

Search Guangzhou branch personal webmaster to join recruitment

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search ( is a well-known personal portal vendors, as the first brand China personal portal search field, relying on personal portal platform and search engine technology, to provide one-stop personalized Internet service for the users, while providing personalized service of network marketing for SMEs

search in 2002 to enter the Chinese search engine market, one of the search engine technology suppliers and service providers in the world’s largest Chinese, providing search engine technology services for Sina, read more

National pornography office before the end of October to webcast crackdown Jurisprudence

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in the first half of the national total and online pornography cases since 712, handling network bad and harmful information of more than 86.9, of which more than 52.9 pornographic information; closed down 3612 bad sites, including pornographic websites 811.

source: Vision China

to create a delicate gas is the network space, since this year, at all levels all over the country "anti pornography" departments to seriously organize the "net net 2016 special action, continue to combat Internet pornographic information, with internet video, broadcast, cloud disk, micro focus, a number of centralized rectification. Up to now, special action has achieved remarkable results. read more