2016MWC Mobile World Congress opened yesterday in Barcelona

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2016MWC Mobile World Congress opened in Barcelona in February 22nd, many electronics manufacturers have released their new products this year, zhengqidouyan shine. Samsung, LG, HUAWEI and other products launched different highlights.

once a year MWC (Mobile  World  Congress) Mobile World Congress officially opened. This year’s MWC can be described as bustling, many mobile phone manufacturers to bring the latest flagship phone. In addition, the virtual reality device is also constantly brush the presence of the current sense of the show. read more

Common types of chafing dish store management

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There are several types of

hot pot restaurants, namely, independent management, partnership, franchising, each has its own advantages, it is worth doing. Entrepreneurs can choose according to their preferences, select a form to shop. The following is a detailed description of the hot pot restaurant business form, one by one to look at it!

1, independent operation:


Hot pot shop business is generally not restricted by other catering enterprises, independently choose their own business varieties, generally smaller, less cost, the profit is not high, sources of funds owned, shares, loans. This form is dominant in the market, its advantages are: according to the development of the market for operating varieties, strategy adjustment and adaptation, to meet the needs of consumers; to maintain their Hot pot characteristics, and in accordance with market demand adjustment and innovation of pot products; staff relations more closely, more conducive to the management directly. Mobilize the enthusiasm. Its shortcomings are: due to the small size, operating a single species, may be subject to the impact of large-scale hot pot enterprises in the market competition can not afford the wind and waves, the development potential is not. read more

Join cosmetics store how to make money

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The huge business opportunities and market space of profit

cosmetics industry inherent in all kinds of cosmetics brand, now it is self-evident, the rise of the franchise, in every successful cosmetics shop, must have good management and operation mode. How to join the cosmetics store to make money? The following summary of the cosmetics shop on the note, we look at the following:

join the cosmetics store how to make money skills: a shop before the surrounding market research analysis.

cosmetics retail chain market plate, scientific and reasonable analysis of the prospects of State Development of cosmetics retail chain, the market competition well, good market positioning. I would like to join the cosmetics store to make money? Choose the right store location. Reasonable choice in the business center, downtown area, strong flow of people lots, the ability to consume a good place, choose the location of their own business with the store address is the best. read more

Join a successful entrepreneurship shop also need to take these three steps

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a lot of people to join the entrepreneurial set up to achieve the dream of the heart, and want to set up a successful business owner when the real boss, investors have to consider the actual situation according to their own line. Including operating projects, market positioning, store size and store location, are important factors affecting the success of the operation.

a, positioning: consumer line popular

franchisees must first understand that joining is not a guarantee of profit.

to join the basic concept is the brand and the management of the experience of teaching, the franchisee because they do not understand the management of technology, so we want to join. That is, the layman, through short-term education, training and operational. However, to join in the short term from novice become proficient, operating techniques must be simple. As a convenience store, has been able to attract a large number of franchisees, it is because the operation technique is simple, as long as the clerk will use the cash register, goods will fill the shelves can, operation is very simple, the new staff always on-line quickly in the short term. read more

Some tips for a beverage business

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now choose catering to join entrepreneurs are very many, many entrepreneurs choose a chain of liquor stores, drinks do business should pay attention to proper methods and skills to find investment, catering to join the market to find ways to get higher returns, a look!

select join form, which can reduce some difficulties in the initial purchase and management. Such as material backlog, personnel training, etc..

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Underwear store location skills

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fashion stores are generally open in the vicinity of shopping malls or area, if you want to invest in an underwear store can be determined according to the market positioning of the brand shop. If you want to reference more site selection, it can be solved with small make up a where more money.

choose what kind of position to open underwear stores, it is necessary to look at their own ability to invest in the decision, the better the business will be better, but the risk of such investment is relatively large. Under normal circumstances, should choose the local clothing sales have dominated the atmosphere of the pedestrian street, the location is certainly not too remote, wine is also afraid of deep alley, and the selected location must be the target consumer groups often haunt. read more

One hundred million live integrated panel to join the best choice for venture capital

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now, with the continuous improvement of the quality of our lives, we are also increasing the demand for integrated wallboard. How about an integrated wallboard? High quality projects, no doubt, is the choice of the city.

billion integrated wall panels are mainly temperature, sound insulation, fire protection, moisture-proof, energy saving and other features, of course, more secure. A new model is adopted, not only to provide products, but also to provide design. To do the construction of integrated solutions, which gives the majority of the decoration has brought great convenience. In addition, one hundred million homes in color also have a breakthrough. Rich pattern color, aesthetic visual effects, the perfect interpretation of the arts, to give people a different artistic enjoyment. Million in the integration of a comprehensive process to complete the housing wall decoration, so that consumers bid farewell to the cumbersome, that is, to live in, as soon as possible to stay in the new home. read more

Join the children’s clothing store to pay attention to what matters

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open their own children’s clothing store is a lot of friends want to do business, because the children’s clothing market prospects are very good, so it is worthy of attention. But want to run their own franchise, pay attention to matters or there are more aspects. From the point of view of children’s clothing industry, joined the children’s clothing also has a lot of attention.

join the attention of children’s clothing in the first sales can not be rigid, can not wait for customers to patronize your store, should carry out some promotional activities to attract customers to come. Join children’s clothing store, low price promotion is the best way to attract a large number of customers to improve performance. Promotion is more important, can increase freshness. The best performance according to the store decided to promotions, in order to be effective. For example, the program is to promote the purchase of the purchase of the impulse and the impulse to buy the store on the big difference. read more

Out of the shadow of the failure of entrepreneurs to go through 6 stages

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entrepreneurship is a good way to change the fate, but entrepreneurship is a risky thing, although entrepreneurs do not want to face, but sometimes it is inevitable failure. While entrepreneurs face failure, will experience from shock, shirk responsibility a step toward the reflection process and stage a comeback. Out of the shadow of failure, entrepreneurs have to go through 6 stages.

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Recommend a good project for women in 2014

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in recent years, a lot of female entrepreneurs, many successful cases. Female friends in order to realize the dream of entrepreneurship, we must know how to use clever. Female entrepreneurs and men have different characteristics. Female image perception ability, such as clothing stores, dessert shops are suitable for women entrepreneurs. The following Xiaobian introduce a number of this year is very suitable for female entrepreneurs popular projects.

join the clothing storeThe

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Master the entrepreneurial skills easily out of wealth Road

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everyone wants to start a business to get rich heart, and put into action is not much, in fact, only mastered a certain entrepreneurial skills can be a firm foothold in the entrepreneurial market, to create a wealth of jiangshan.

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Shandong built 10 entrepreneurial universities to promote entrepreneurship

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now college students entrepreneurship has become a common phenomenon, at the same time, in the country is also increasing for some college students entrepreneurship training work in Shandong, for the construction of 10 entrepreneurial university, to help entrepreneurs entrepreneurship.

Compared with the traditional
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What are the children’s paradise strategy

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is service for the children, parents are willing to pay, this market wealth is very much, but if the business people, business will be affected, want to make money is no longer easy. But if you can master the relevant small strategy, make money minutes will become a lot easier. So, what are the children’s paradise strategy?

1. in the children’s paradise just opened to allow customers to enter the store free play, and presented with children’s playground features small gifts, increase the visibility of the store in the region, the equivalent of advertising. read more

Sophomore boys Selling Online Cup achievements entrepreneurial dream

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, a university student from Wuhan, by virtue of their own efforts, by selling cups on the web to start, after the hardships and tests, finally embarked on a successful career path, he said, his entrepreneurial path is not the Everything is going smoothly.

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Guangdong Province in 2015 to start the list of students to start funded project announced

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Guangdong has always been a good attraction for students studying abroad, because many students go out from Guangdong. Guangdong has 3 enterprises in the park has recently won the Guangdong venture capital, highlighting the importance of the study of talent and support.

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For the first time to start a business to open a flower shop how to operate

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is a lot of people love flowers, beautiful things always give people a good mood, flowers in demand now is great, now the florist is common in everyone’s life, almost no far distance, you can find a flower shop. Why are there so many flower shops in the market? It is also because of the huge demand on the market, to see where the profits, many people are very much like to open a flower shop. There are many entrepreneurs who chose to open a flower shop. So, for the first time how to start a business to open a flower shop. read more

Do business to grasp the human

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into the store shopping, you will feel feel shy? I think a lot of customers should have such a feeling, but if the owner can provide a comfortable service, this feeling will be weakened, and even in the future there will be related to the needs of this shop. This shows that the real understanding of the shop on the business of human sentiment, which will be of great help for the long-term operation of the store.

early winter evening, waiting for the car, boring, along the road road. Passing a tea shop, the facade is not big, but more clean and tidy, see a few rattan chair placed at the door, he wanted to sit down and rest. Seat soon, someone called the author, a look back is a tea shop owner, I thought: is it going to throw me out? read more

How to drink fresh elements

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said to eat the things inside must be good, something delicious but have no health benefits to the body, but good things are often not how good, this embarrassing situation is why we reason to eat so tangled. But if you carefully found or will find their favorite food, the appetite is one of the four great greed of human beings, to learn a very good control of their own, so choose to start from the drink.

healthy nutrition juice is one of the modern people drink good choice, fresh fruit drinks cater to people’s tongue element demand, raw materials to fresh health and keep healthy nutrition fruit, lock better taste, create a fashion and a drink, drink and good-looking, quickly hot market is. People for having heard it many times of beverage brands! read more

Female entrepreneurs should start from these five types of services

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women have a wider choice in the business market, while the service industry is relatively more suitable for female entrepreneurs to start, the following five categories of services for first-time entrepreneurs to join the field of female entrepreneurs, I hope to inspire you.

A, creative service.

creative imagination, the implementation of the main content of the work of the occupation, the need for free and unfettered creative workers. Because in the work place is very flexible, and therefore suitable to family SOHO family planning, including public relations, multimedia design, translation, editing, costume design, advertising, music, photography etc.. read more

ntegrity management to help the shop through the storm

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due to the reasons for competition, almost no one shop business will be smooth sailing, what concerns are not, and even many shops are facing difficulties. How to overcome these difficulties, it has become a problem plagued operators. In this paper, the small series of the case is introduced because the owner of the integrity of the business, so as to help the shop through the storm.

90 in the early 1990s, his wife conceived a child, in order to take care of their loved ones, I had to give up the construction of the old line. In order to make a living, I opened a department store. But at that time, is also catching up with the restructuring of enterprises, set off the climax of the whole business, department stores because the threshold is low, but also the first choice of entrepreneurship, the degree of competition can be imagined. At the beginning, the business is not good to do, there is also a popular among retail buyers, sellers do not have more argument. But no matter whether the business is good or bad, I put the "integrity" in the first place, which is also a success for the future business, laid a good foundation. read more