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Norman Rockwell on Being an Artist-for-Hire, Public Opinion, and Working from the Gut

first_imgNorman Rockwell has long been almost an artist. Many art critics have considered him merely a great commercial illustrator – a quality worker-for-hire, but not a fine artist.It’s a distinction that Rockwell himself thought deeply about. So today, on what would be Rockwell’s 120th birthday, let’s take some time to think about the question that was central to his life and is probably a concern for most creative freelancers and contractors: Is what we do art? And does this distinction matter?Rockwell’s critics & defendersIn Rockwell’s lifetime, he was hardly ever considered a fine artist. In fact, some artists say that his name was spoken “with disgust and disdain” as a sell-out. He was too happy to be an artist — some critics found his “relentless optimism” exhausting. Some say that his paintings are too shiny. Or they aren’t angsty enough.But as the years pass, opinion is changing. Just look at this Seattle PI article published two years ago and cheekily titled, “Art Critic Admits to Liking Norman Rockwell, Does Not Need to Go Underground.” Or the fact that his most recent auctioned painting sold for $46 million.Unfortunately, it may be that recent biographies of Rockwell that paint him as suicidal and sexually repressed have actually increased his stature as an artist. A biography published this past December, “American Mirror” by Deborah Solomon, suggests that Rockwell was also a homosexual. The claim has been met with fury from Rockwell’s family but has reignited interest and debate around Rockwell as an artist. (It has also set off a flurry of art critics examining his paintings for repressed homoerotic themes. )Solomon wrote the book consciously hoping it would set the record straight about Rockwell: “To me, it’s not a book about Rockwell’s sexuality and I really try to make the case for his largeness as an artist,” she said. A large portion of the book is dedicated to his feelings of exclusion from the world of “fine art,” and to Solomon’s claims that he should be considered a real artist.Rockwell defines himself (and we can too)In 1962 (at the age of 68), Rockwell was quoted in Esquire magazine as saying, “No man with a conscience can just bat out illustrations. He’s got to put all of his talent, all of his feeling into them. If illustration is not considered art, then that is something that we have brought upon ourselves by not considering ourselves artists. I believe that we should say, ‘I am not just an illustrator, I am an artist.’”It’s true that what we think of ourselves shapes how others see us. I think commercial artists today — what we would probably call freelance illustrators, graphic designers, etc. — have already changed our perception of their work as art by considering themselves to be artists. And there’s not as clean a distinction between “art” and “non-art” as there once was.Maybe the distinction just doesn’t matter anymore.Instead, maybe we’re just beginning to respect people who work from the gut. The man or woman who puts “all of his talent, all of his feeling” into what they do.This idea that passion matters is responsible for the entire “Do what you love” movement. It’s responsible for the rise of craftsmanship. It’s also responsible for the rise of freelancing: millions of Americans choosing to find or go back to what they enjoy doing, and finding that — like Rockwell — they can make money at what they love.Maybe, as Rockwell found, money doesn’t cheapen this pursuit. Perhaps making a living by working for other people, for brands, for big businesses doesn’t make creative freelancers non-artists.But that’s something freelancers must define for ourselves.**Creative freelancers, do you consider yourselves artists? If not, why? **last_img read more

“Do art and do it for the rest of your lives”: Kurt Vonnegut’s letter to high schoolers

first_imgAs freelancers who often create on demand, we thought that you’d appreciate this letter by Kurt Vonnegut, which has been making the rounds on Reddit today. It was written by Vonnegut in 2006 to a group of high school students who asked him to come to their school. He passed away a year later, in 2007.**Here’s the text of the letter: **Dear Xavier High School, and Ms. Lockwood, and Messrs Perin, McFeely, Batten, Maurer and Congiusta:I thank you for your friendly letters. You sure know how to cheer up a really old geezer (84) in his sunset years. I don’t make public appearances any more because I now resemble nothing so much as an iguana.What I had to say to you, moreover, would not take long, to wit: Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow.Seriously! I mean starting right now, do art and do it for the rest of your lives. Draw a funny or nice picture of Ms. Lockwood, and give it to her. Dance home after school, and sing in the shower and on and on. Make a face in your mashed potatoes. Pretend you’re Count Dracula.Here’s an assignment for tonight, and I hope Ms. Lockwood will flunk you if you don’t do it: Write a six line poem, about anything, but rhymed. No fair tennis without a net. Make it as good as you possibly can. But don’t tell anybody what you’re doing. Don’t show it or recite it to anybody, not even your girlfriend or parents or whatever, or Ms. Lockwood. OK?Tear it up into teeny-weeny pieces, and discard them into widely separated trash recepticals. You will find that you have already been gloriously rewarded for your poem. You have experienced becoming, learned a lot more about what’s inside you, and you have made your soul grow.God bless you all!Kurt Vonnegutlast_img read more

Hip Hop Artist Ben Diamond Shows Us Around L.A.

first_img SNL’s Kyle Mooney Never Had a Real Job and He’s Cool With That Editors’ Recommendations The Burger Show’s Alvin Cailan Shares His Burger-Making Secrets 10 Refreshing Labor Day Cocktail Recipes to Salute the End of Summer Even though he didn’t take it quite so seriously in his younger years, Ben Diamond’s calling was always in music. Sure he played in a few high school bands, but it wasn’t until he published a five track EP on Bandcamp in 2012 that he was truly noticed.After catching the attention of underground UK hip hop star Dirty Dike, Ben was contacted by producer Nicholas “Aqua” McCarrell, best known for his work on Jay-Z’s The Black Album. He immediately flew Ben out to Los Angeles where they wrote and recorded The Diamond LP, released on Bandcamp in January of this year.We are loving Ben’s fresh sound, a poppy Brit hip hop that just makes us want to dance. While he was working the album in L.A., Ben had a chance to explore the city from top to bottom. So he filled us in on his favorite places to bring a date, have a lunch meeting, hear live music and more. Check out his mini city guide below and don’t forget to check out The Diamond LP on Bandcamp.Best first date spot: Blue HeightsIf you really want to have the perfect first night out in Los Angeles, then take your date to Blue Heights in the Hollywood Hills. You reach the top and see a breath-taking view of the entire city, it’s amazing. Get out of your car, sit on a bench and take it in.Best restaurant to take mom and dad when they’re in town: Belvedere at The Peninsula Beverly HillsThe best place to take them for a really awesome American food is The Belvedere. The ambiance is elegant and it’s nice to dress up when you go.Best place to work over coffee: Poolside at the Mondrian HotelThe pool deck at Mondrian is a perfect place to work because it’s not too hectic and the view is inspiring when you need a break. Not to mention it’s right in the heart of West Hollywood, one of my favourite places to be in L.A.Best brunch: AXE on Abbot KinneyAxe on Abbot Kinney is a great place to grab brunch because it’s right in Venice. The food is always amazing – specifically the flat top fried potatoes – and the environment is mega cool.Best lunch meeting spot: Joan’s on ThirdTwo words: the sandwichesBest place for a night out with the boys: The Writer’s RoomThe Writer’s Room is a very chilled out lounge with great music. It’s hard to find, so it’s never too crowded. I actually had the pleasure of performing there a few months ago.Best place to shop if you need to dress to impress: Left House on Abbot KinneyMy friend Tini Courtney – jewelery designer, H.O.W.L. – teamed with Westbrook Maker, M. Cohen and Kapital to create this unique shopping experience where you can pick up awesome, one-of-a-kind clothing. I normally just wear jeans, but occasionally I do like to make an effort.Best beach to relax: Santa Monica PierSanta Monica Pier is a really fun place to spend a day at the beach because it’s always sunny, there’s an eclectic mix of people and there are a ton of great restaurants surrounding the beach. Coming from the UK, it’s great to just be in the sunshine and not wearing a raincoat!Best venue to see your favourite band – Staples Center or House of BluesStaples Centre is a given, all the best bands play there when they come to L.A. The House of Blues is a classic venue with so much history. Many of my favourite artists have played there, and they always have an incredible, eclectic mix of artists on the line-up.Best hotel for the stylish traveller: Petit ErmitageFor the stylish traveller, there is only one option: Petit Ermitage. It’s a boutique hotel in West Hollywood with great service. The best part: the private rooftop club.Best restaurant to see and be seen: GjelinaIf you want to see and be seen you have to go to Gjelina. It’s one of the most popular places in Venice and open until midnight, great if you need a late night snack like I always do. Oh, and the food is amazing! You Should Read Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard’s Guide to Life Kicking It With Timber Joey of the Portland Timbers Soccer Teamlast_img read more

VIDEO: 22 Evacuated as Car Carrier Lists in Bay of Biscay

first_imgzoom A crew of 22 people were evacuated after the Panama-flagged car carrier Modern Express started listing some 148 miles off Cape Ortegal, Galicia, in the Bay of Biscay, according to Spanish search and rescue agency Salvamento Maritimo.The crew raised an alarm on Tuesday afternoon as the 10,454 dwt ship developed a heavy list of about 40 degrees in inclement weather with force 8 south-westerly winds and heavy seas.All crew members were evacuated by helicopters and subsequently flown to A Coruña and Celeiro in Galicia.Salvamento Maritimo added that no injuries were reported.The 2001-built Modern Express, owned by European RoRo Lines, was on its way from Gabon, Africa to Le Havre, France when it started listing.The vessel is currently drifting in a busy shipping lane, and is expected to be removed from the area before tomorrow morning.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Looking ahead

first_imgAfter BJP won 282 Lok Sabha seats in 2014 – the first time in three decades that a single party was able to gain an absolute majority – it was popularly believed that the unexpectedly strong performance was a one-off affair. The outgoing government had been ridden with colossal corruption cases, the economy had come to a standstill and anti-incumbency was at its peak. But 2019 has proved that the event was not an outlier. Narendra Modi has led his party to another major victory with a dozen more seats than the last time – the first time in five decades when a government is returning with an absolute majority for the second time. Also Read – A staunch allyWhile such a strong mandate is commendable, it shows the faith that the Indian people rest on the party and the immense expectations they hold from it. Moreover, it is a rare opportunity in a complex democracy like India for any party to have the power to introduce bold reforms and long-lasting transformations with little partisan logjams. By again voting BJP into power with an absolute majority, Indian voters expect that the government will adopt such a decisive stance. BJP had also projected itself to be action-oriented in its first term. Also Read – Cuban pathosOver the last five years, the government has introduced a string of reforms that were aimed at enhancing the socio-economic development of the country. The economic measures were directed at increasing productivity of the factors of production including land, labour and capital. In the case of land, the government introduced the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016. The act, by mandating that 70 per cent of the funds collected from the buyers should be used for construction purposes only, helped in addressing the project delays and inefficiencies in the system. For addressing labour productivity issues that the country is facing, the government set up National Skills Development Corporation that has provided training to 5.2 million students. This will help in the optimal utilisation of the country’s demographic dividend. Lastly, the government undertook a couple of moves to address capital-related issues. Since BJP came into power in 2014, the banking sector has been under the stress of mounting bad debt. As of March 2017, bad loans accounted for 10 per cent of banking assets. The best option for salvaging the situation was by targeting the problem of debt resolution. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code was passed in 2016 as a result. It allows either the creditor or the borrower to approach the National Council Law Tribunal (NCLT) to initiate insolvency proceedings and lays down provisions for debt resolution within a span of 3-5 months. Apart from addressing the issues prevalent in the economy, the government undertook the biggest tax reform in the country with the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The tax law, which had been in the works for years, unified the entire country under a uniform tax system and eased the flow of goods and services across state borders. Even though there were a few wrinkles in its implementation, GST would help in reducing the transaction cost for businesses over the long-run and improve its ease of doing business. Along with economic reforms, the government also focussed on improving the living standards of the citizens. Two of the biggest reforms on the social aspect have been on the areas of sanitation and financial inclusion. In 2014, India was a global laggard in sanitation coverage, having significantly high open defecation rates even in comparison to poorer nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh and several sub-Saharan countries. To tackle this issue of low sanitation facilities and improving the child health indicators like mortality, nutrition and stunting, the Modi government launched the Swachh Bharat Mission, aiming to make India open-defecation free. The National Sample Survey’s Swachhta Status shows that the number of rural households with toilets has increased to 64 per cent from 45 per cent during the period 2014-15 to 2017-18, while people defecating in open have reduced from 52 per cent to 33 per cent in the same period. The other flagship scheme of the government, the Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile (JAM) Yojna, was launched to dismantle India’s archaic subsidy transfer system that has been ridden with corruption, leakages and inefficiencies. The scheme has provided universal access to bank accounts and unique identity to all individuals by allowing biometric authentication to circumvent intermediaries and reduce market distortions with direct transfers. Currently, 100 per cent of the beneficiaries of PAHAL the direct benefit transfer of LPG, 88 per cent beneficiaries of MGNREGA and 86 per cent of the PDS beneficiaries are linked with Aadhaar. The programme delivery is now taking place via direct benefit transfers (DBT). In 2018-19, around Rs 2 trillion was delivered through DBT. The agenda for the next five years for the BJP government should be to maintain continuity with the reform process; leveraging upon the ones that have already been undertaken and venturing into ones that have been left untouched since Independence in 1947. The schemes and initiatives that have been the highlight of the last five years surely have scope for improvement on the implementation aspect. Meanwhile, the strong electoral mandate can be used to push through unpopular reforms that the country needs to solve its perpetual economic ailments. Two of such major reforms are those of land acquisition and labour flexibility. India has had an ugly record of industrial projects falling in limbo due to land acquisition issues. Since land is a state subject, the central government needs to address these in a decisive manner in consonance with its regional partners. Secondly, it is a well-documented fact that the country’s rigid labour laws have disincentivised firms to grow and formalise. Indian firms have, thus, lost out on crucial economies of scale due to these limitations. The next five years are an opportune time for the BJP government to introduce long-standing structural reforms that India’s socio-economic fabric has severely required since its independence. Even the 1991 reforms were majorly market-oriented while the factor-side of the economy was left untouched. With the rapidly changing political landscape of the nation, it is time to infuse a similar exuberance within the economy. (Dr Amit Kapoor is Chair, Institute for Competitiveness, India. The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Easing pipeline congestion lets Western Canada producers enjoy higher oil prices

first_imgCALGARY, A.B.  – Canadian oil producers are pocketing higher profits as a rise in world oil prices meshes with an improving supply-demand balance that has reduced the price discounts they faced earlier this year.Analysts say temporary shutdowns at Alberta oilsands projects for scheduled maintenance this spring have eased the pipeline congestion that had been exacerbating the difference between bitumen-blend Western Canadian Select and New York-traded West Texas Intermediate crude prices.That means the oil producers, some of whom cut back output in the first quarter because of poor prices, are seeing benefits from WTI prices that rose to three-and-a-half-year highs above US$71 per barrel this week following U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. “The rally in WTI has some fundamental support and is not all related to Iran and Venezuela,” energy analyst Randy Ollenberger of BMO Capital Markets pointed out in an email on Friday.“Demand is clearly improving … A further drop in Venezuela production is also a real possibility that could provide a further boost to prices.”Iran is the third-largest producer of crude within the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, exporting about 2.6 million barrels per day in April. Prices rose this week on speculation that its exports could be interrupted if sanctions are reapplied by the West.Global oil prices are also being supported by factors including sliding heavy oil production from Venezuela, which is wracked by political instability, and strong adherence to production limits from OPEC and Russia under their 2016 agreement, said Kevin Birn, vice-president of the North American crude oil markets for IHS Markit.“Western Canadian producers, any higher price is unambiguously good for them,” he said.“The situation on pipelines has temporarily been resolved, primarily because of the upstream outages and (maintenance) turnarounds going on, which is allowing the system to clear… and hopefully allowing time for rail to come in.” (THE CANADIAN PRESS)center_img Uncertainty continues to plague proposed new pipelines. The Keystone XL project from Alberta to Texas has been delayed, the future of an expanded Trans Mountain line to Vancouver is in doubt and a routing dispute has emerged over Enbridge Inc.’s Line 3 export pipeline replacement project.Birn said the WCS-WTI discount, which closed at US$19.73 on Thursday, narrowed to an average of about US$12 per barrel last year due to demand in North America for heavy oil but rose quickly after November due to pipeline constraints. It peaked at about US$30 per barrel in the first quarter.The discount is expected to return to more typical levels of about US$15 _ accounting for the difference in quality versus WTI and transport to market _ this spring but will likely rise to US$17-$19 per barrel later in the year because of the higher price of shipping crude by rail, he said.Ollenberger agreed the discount will rise in the second half of the year, noting that new production from Suncor Energy Inc.’s Fort Hills oilsands mine as it ramps up to its 194,000-barrels-per-day capacity will be added to existing oilsands output as the maintenance shutdowns end.last_img read more

Joe Oliver says to keep Keystone XL pipeline issue alive with the

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — Far from giving up on the Keystone XL pipeline to the United States, Finance Minister Joe Oliver said on Tuesday Canada would keep the issue alive with the Obama administration despite a further delay of the U.S. decision on whether to approve it.Oliver, who vigorously promoted the TransCanada Corp crude oil line as natural resources minister before taking over at finance last month, told reporters he was very disappointed that the U.S. had delayed the decision on Friday “yet again.”Asked if Canada’s Conservative government should wait until a new U.S. administration was elected before making a renewed push, he said: “I think it’s important for Canada to keep the issue alive.”“After all, this is a project which is supported by a strong majority of Americans, by a commanding majority of senators and congressmen, by every governor through whose state the pipeline would go. It is widely supported and we want to continue to remind people that the project is there.”The State Department extended a comment period on the $5.4 billion, 830,000 barrel-per-day project, a move that could well delay a final decision until after the U.S. mid-term elections in November.Oliver said the U.S. delay would affect economic growth and jobs on both sides of the border.He also said it was an issue of national security, pointing out that Canadian oil would supplant crude from Venezuela, which had threatened to cut off oil supplies to the United States five times in the previous five years.Europe’s exposure to a possible cut-off of Russian natural gas and the crisis in Ukraine demonstrate “the vulnerability that countries have when they rely on non-reliable sources of energy,” he added. “Canada is a reliable source of energy.”Critics say the pipeline would only encourage the development of the oil sands, and thereby worsen global warming. Oil companies use large amounts of natural gas to make steam to liquefy heavy oil reserves, creating more carbon dioxide than conventional production.“I hope people would stick to the facts. The fact is that the oil sands represent a miniscule proportion of greenhouse gas emissions, one one-thousandth, and we have done a great deal to reduce the intensity of emissions,” he said.Coal-fired electricity production in the United States emits 33 times more than all the oil sands put together, he said.Asked about environmental activists coming to Canada to focus on the oil sands, he said: “I think that perhaps people coming from the United States might contemplate what the record is there and take that into account.”Canada’s emissions per capita and in relation to gross domestic product are somewhat lower than in the United States, he added. read more

Combatting Burnout Among IT Security Pros

Phish-Prone Testing, Keep Your Enterprise Secure Scott Murphy August 21, 2019 Phishing testing teaches employees to detect and respond to malicious emails, helping to create a culture of security. The survey respondents point out that automation and a normalized work schedule would reduce their complaints. They’re not looking for more vacation time but want workflow automation. Additional survey recommendations are:Access to more best practices content, such as rules and playbooksMore resourcesAssistance in prioritizing incidents and tasks from the LoB as well as ITStress management programs and psychological counseling to teach SOC staff how to cope with the stress and remain effective Keeping Your Communications Systems Safe Takes Practice Gary Audin August 29, 2019 Don’t assume you’re ready for a security attack if you’ve never exercised what you have in place. SOC-1.png Close behind is the lack of network visibility, followed by the requirement to be available 24/7. When alert volume is too high, some get missed and others ignored — there aren’t enough hours to respond to them. This opens the organization to threats. It also means that intrusions can go undetected for weeks and months. The report stressed three main points:Address analyst burnoutDevelop stronger alignment between the SOC and the LoBBudget and implement security operations technologiesTags:News & ViewscybersecurityIT securitySecurityCareersMonitoring & ManagementNews & Views Articles You Might Like SOC-2.png Pain PointsThe single biggest problem is a burnout-inducing workload, as you can see in the image below; this leads to performance issues, reduces security effectiveness, and produces turnover. The cycle is never-ending, with fewer staff leading to further workload increases, and on and on. cybersecurity_774.png IT Security Refresh: The Cyber Defense Matrix Terry Slattery October 02, 2019 With the Cyber Defense Matrix, enterprises can measure their security coverage and discover gaps in their IT strategy. Source: Ponemon Institute/Devo Technology study, “Improving the Effectiveness of the Security Operations Center” See All in Security » Make Teams, Slack, Other Collaboration Tools Ultra-Secure Sorell Slaymaker August 21, 2019 Read how Hotshot adds location and time elements to its MFA strategy and discover how you can protect your enterprise with a zero-trust architecture. RecommendationsOrganizations are frustrated and struggle with SOC effectiveness when confronted with challenges such as budgets, lack of infrastructure visibility, and organizational culture. The limited talent pool, growing workloads, and alert fatigue cause stress that leads to a career change for many. CNBC earlier this year reported on how “the serious shortage of cybersecurity experts could cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars.” In the article, CNBC concluded that: 1) cybersecurity has become a significant priority for organizations, 2) there are 2.93 million cybersecurity unfilled positions around the world, and 3) the talent shortage will lead to significant financial losses because organizations don’t have the right controls or security processes for detecting, mitigating, and preventing cyberattacks. Those Who Quit CybersecurityTwo thirds of survey respondents reported they are likely or very likely to quit their SOC jobs. Turnover, of course, exacerbates the understaffing problem, and leads to a lack of loyalty in general among SOC employees. The stress and pain of the working conditions in a SOC limits the ability of organizations to hire and retain experienced IT security experts. The Threat of Toll Fraud Persists Irwin Lazar September 16, 2019 With a toll fraud prevention and mitigation strategy, enterprises can identify and mitigate potential toll threats – sometimes before they even happen. Barriers to Cybersecurity SuccessThe study “Improving the Effectiveness of the Security Operations Center,” sponsored by Devo Technology and independently conducted by Ponemon Institute, finds the biggest barriers to SOC effectiveness are the lack of knowledge and missing visibility of an organization’s infrastructure, with an incomplete inventory of and up-to-date status on configuration and location of assets. Many organizations, especially SMBs, need to outsource security capabilities but discover the security services don’t align well with their industry and culture. There’s also a conflict between IT and line-of-business (LoB) priorities, as I’ve discussed in a previous post, “Cloud Security Concerns: IT vs. LoB.” Cybersecurity experts, the first responders to security incidents, arguably have more stressful jobs than their IT peers. A cybersecurity expert needs broad IT and security-specific knowledge — and there aren’t enough of these professionals to fill available positions. I first wrote about this persistent problem two years ago. The U.S. isn’t the best country for cybersecurity preparedness, as I reported earlier this year in the post, “Cybersecurity Posture by Country: U.S. Not the Best.” U.S. organizations need to step up their cybersecurity efforts. The shortage of expertise is one factor; but also of interest are the pain points, turnover, and burnout of those holding cybersecurity roles. Source: Ponemon Institute/Devo Technology study, “Improving the Effectiveness of the Security Operations Center” Log in or register to post comments read more

Delcrest Park in Delhi now fully accessible

Chantelle Fournier, member of the Norfolk County Accessibility Advisory Committee, and her 10-year-old daughter Brook Barker using the newly accessible Delcrest Park. The new Delcrest Park playground in Delhi is now welcoming to parents and children of all abilities.“I’m able to go on the surface as opposed to sitting on the side and watching my daughter play,”  said Chantelle Fournier, a member of the Norfolk County Accessibility Advisory Committee who uses a wheelchair.“With these kinds of parks, I can interact and be right there having fun with my daughter.”A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at Delcrest Park to commemorate the county’s new fully accessible park on May 28.“This park is clearly evidence of Norfolk County’s commitment to improving accessibility for everyone here in Norfolk,” Mayor Chopp said to the people in attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremony.“If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far through being a politician it’s that no decision will make everyone happy. At the end of the day this is a fundamental principle that everyone can agree on, that all kids deserve a happy and fun childhood,” said Chopp.The $50,000 project was funded by the Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF).“It’s a new world,” Fournier said in an earlier news release. “It’s a new opportunity that I couldn’t explore or discover with my daughter otherwise. The more opportunities that we get, the more we try.”The old playground, built in 1994, was no longer suitable. The site now has accessible parking nearby, and will now be able to welcome children who might not have had the opportunity to play there previously.County staff estimates that 9,000 individuals with disabilities will benefit from the playground within the first year of it being open.Chopp said the park is a model that can be used for future park updates across Norfolk County.“I think it’s certainly a model that we’ll be able to build on,” said Chopp. “The goal here is to improve accessibility for all.”“I’m looking forward to seeing more of these completely accessible parks across Norfolk County,” added Waterford Coun.  Kim Huffman. Norfolk County / Contributed photo Ward 3 Coun. Michael Columbus thanked the previous council for its work towards the project.“I want to commend our council and all of the staff that were involved in making this beautiful project happen. I also want to commend the former council because it was their initiation that got this project going along with the help of the accessibility advisory committee,” said Columbus.The new equipment is expected to bring in more camps, play groups, school trips and further promote daily exercise. It will also build communication and help cultivate social skills among the county’s youth.“The event comes at a fitting time as it happens in conjunction with National Access Awareness Week (May 27 to June 2),”  Shelley Darlington, Norfolk County’s director of corporate support services, said in a release.The EAF Community Accessibility Stream provides funding for projects that help improve accessibility in communities across Canada through renovations, retrofits, construction or providing information and communications technologies for community use.Norfolk County has received EAF grants for the DAISY Readers program at Norfolk County Public Library, accessible washrooms in the Delhi Community Centre Arena, an accessible playground at Lakeview Park, a pool lift at the Annaleise Carr Aquatic Centre, and accessible beach mats at Port Dover Beach.“Norfolk County is proud of the numerous accessible projects that have been undertaken over the past few years,” said Darlington. “Accessible recreation is a vital part of a healthy community which brings families and children of all abilities together and promotes physical and social activity.”These projects helped bring Fournier and her family back to the area. Two decades ago, she moved to Kitchener seeking a more accessible community but has since returned home.“I started coming back and noticing we were getting bigger stores which means more accessibility and more growth,” Fournier explained. “From where Norfolk was 20 years ago to now is unbelievable. For being a small community, they’ve all come together in making everything more accessible and making more opportunities for people like me and people in general.”The ceremony ended with a few words from Deborah Pike of the accessibility committee, and then a group from council and the committee cutting a ribbon.“I want to thank everybody for making Norfolk County a more inclusive society,” said Pike. read more

East Timor UN mission files indictment for 1999 crimes in Oecussi

In a statement issued in Dili, UNTAET said nine of the accused were members of the Sakunar (Scorpion) militia, a pro-autonomy group “set up, trained, equipped and directed by the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI).” The two other accused were TNI sergeants in Oecussi’s Passabe sub-district.The suspects are accused of extermination, murders, inhumane acts, persecution, imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty, and the deportation or forcible transfer of population in different places in Oecussi from April to October 1999.The Prosecutor General’s indictment states that all the alleged criminal acts took place as part of an “orchestrated campaign of violence and crimes committed in East Timor in 1999.”The accused are the Supreme Commander of Sakunar militia, Simão Lopes, Sakunar Commander Laurentino Soares (alias Moko), Sakunar Commander and Passabe village Chief Gabriel Kolo, TNI sergeant and Commander in Passabe sub-district Anton Sabraka and TNI sergeant in Passabe village Andre Ulan. Sakunar members Florenço Tacaqui, Bonifácio Bobo (alias Bone), Tomas Bubun, Elvis Popes, Domingos Obe, and Júlio da Costa were also indicted.All suspects remain at large, except for Florenço Tacaqui, who is held in Becora prison in Dili. read more

Encana to cut workforce by further 20 on top of previous downsizing

CALGARY – Encana Corp. says it’s planning a further 20 per cent reduction in its workforce as it works to achieve up to $250-million in additional cost savings this year, beyond what had previously been announced.Details on how many jobs will be affected and when they’ll happen weren’t immediately available.The Calgary-based oil and gas producer announced the cuts with its fourth-quarter financial report, which included a $612-million net loss or 72 cents per share – mostly the result of asset write downs and other non-operating items.Those were partly offset by 36 per cent increase in Encana’s liquids production since the fourth quarter of 2014, and previous cost-cutting measures that helped increase Encana’s cash flow despite lower commodity prices.Excluding $514-million in asset impairments and other items such as foreign exchange, Encana’s operating earnings in the fourth quarter were $111-million or 13 cents per share, up from $35-million or five cents per share a year earlier.Encana chief executive Doug Suttles said the company enters 2016 with a strong balance sheet, a high-quality portfolio of assets and improved efficiency that offset the impact of reduced capital spending and lower prices for its oil and gas. by The Canadian Press Posted Feb 24, 2016 5:34 am MDT Encana to cut workforce by further 20% on top of previous downsizing AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Oncefeted BC auto insurer is a wreck no clear path to a

by Geordon Omand, The Canadian Press Posted Aug 13, 2017 5:00 am MDT Last Updated Aug 13, 2017 at 5:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Once-feted B.C. auto insurer is a wreck, no clear path to a lasting fix VANCOUVER – British Columbia’s once-celebrated public auto insurer has become a financial train wreck, its critics say as studies into the beleaguered Crown corporation call for dramatic rate hikes and drastic structural changes to save it from ruin.But while everyone appears to agree the system is broken, there is disagreement over how the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia went off the rails in the first place and what must be done to fix it.The crisis at ICBC is shaping up to be the first major financial hurdle for B.C.’s new NDP government.Attorney General David Eby, who is also the minister responsible for ICBC, blames the previous Liberal government for problems at the corporation.“ICBC, as described to me by senior bureaucrats, is on the path to insolvency,” Eby said. “It’s very unfortunate that it’s been left for so long, because I think there was really an opportunity to address this much earlier.”ICBC was created in the early 1970s by the province’s first NDP government to provide affordable and universal auto insurance.All B.C. vehicle owners are required to purchase basic coverage through the corporation, though in 1976 the government began allowing private insurers to compete in offering additional optional coverage.Eby and other ICBC supporters single out the actions of former Liberal premier Gordon Campbell as marking the beginning of the corporation’s troubles.Campbell required ICBC to keep much higher amounts of backup capital. The resulting stockpile proved irresistible to politicians in 2010 following the global financial meltdown, critics say, when the government began siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars of “excess capital” almost every year.In all, the Liberals withdrew $1.2 billion from the lucrative optional side of ICBC’s business, and also transferred $1.4 billion to offset deficits on the compulsory side providing basic coverage beginning in 2012.“The reason we’re in a bind right now is that there’s no more money left in the optional piggy bank,” said retired civil servant Rick McCandless, who has written extensively on ICBC.“The music has stopped. You can’t play the game anymore. Somebody has to make some hard decisions. And that somebody is government.”Liberal member of the legislature John Yap said the New Democrats are playing politics in trying to lay blame for the problems at ICBC, which he largely attributed to the increasing number of collisions and claims year-over-year along with rising repair costs.The Liberals’ priority was to keep rates low and stable while improving the operations and finances of the corporation through a number of measures, including foregoing the dividends from the optional side of the business as of last year and rolling in a new information technology system that would save the corporation millions, he said.“Government did take action,” Yap said.He said the Liberals understood there were challenges and had ICBC commission a third-party report on the financial situation to make recommendations, which the new government will be responsible to act on.A recent report from Ernst & Young painted a dire picture at the Crown corporation, concluding that rates must increase by 30 per cent by 2019 to cover costs. A separate forecast released last November by ICBC indicated rates would need to increase by 42 per cent over the next five years to make up for expenses.McCandless pointed to a footnote in the ICBC report that an additional $1.5 billion is required in “capital from other sources” between 2017 and 2020. He calculated the cumulative rate hike to be closer to 117 per cent over four years.ICBC says an increase in accidents as well as both the number and cost of claims are contributing to its financial predicament. But experts say the insurance corporation has been slow to respond to the changes, which apply equally to other jurisdictions outside of B.C.Greg Basham, senior vice-president of ICBC in the late 1990s, said the Liberals’ decision to cut funding for the corporation’s road safety program undermined efforts to curb that trend.ICBC operates a full-tort legal system, as opposed to the no-fault model used in some other provinces that saves on pay-outs and legal fees by preventing victims from litigating for better compensation.It becomes a question of affordability versus treating victims fairly, McCandless said.“How much fairness can you afford?” he added.While the Liberal government withdrew money from ICBC coffers, they were not the only government to artificially depress rates, McCandless said. The NDP in the late 1990s also “started playing games” with the Crown corporation when they introduced a five-year rate freeze.While advocates tend to see ICBC as a good program gone awry, some free-enterprise proponents view it as fundamentally flawed, arguing it worked as well as it did for so long not because of the system but in spite of it.Scott Hennig of the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation said consumers suffer because of B.C.’s mandatory basic insurance model, which he described as a monopoly that is vulnerable to political interference.“Private or public, monopolies are bad for consumers,” Hennig said.“Politicians can’t help themselves,” he added, describing ICBC as a cash cow. “When you’ve created a system that’s susceptible to it, it doesn’t matter what party is in power.”B.C. drivers pay some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country while receiving some of the lowest pay-outs, said Aaron Sutherland of the Insurance Bureau of Canada.Sutherland said a 2017 review of auto insurance in Ontario listed the average premium cost in B.C. in 2015 as $1,316, second only to Ontario. The report also said the average cost of an injury claim was $42,084, second last in the country ahead of only Nova Scotia.“If we want to have a real discussion and truly fix the auto insurance system, competition needs to be included,” Sutherland said.The NDP government has not released a comprehensive plan for addressing the crisis at ICBC, though Eby described the situation as urgent.The government faces an Aug. 31 deadline to submit filings ahead of ICBC’s rate-setting hearing at the B.C. Utilities Commission.— Follow @gwomand on Twitter read more

CPL 2017 Shadab guides Knight Riders home in thriller

Trinbago Knight Riders 120-6 (Shadab 30*, Searles 29*, Shillingford 4-22) beat St Lucia Stars 118-4 (Fletcher 40, Sammy 25, Cooper 3-21) by six wicketsTrinbago Knight Riders celebrating the fall of a wicket (CPL T20 photo)An innings of great maturity on a testing pitch by the 19-year-old Shadab Khan alongside Javon Searles guided Trinbago Knight Riders to a thrilling four wicket victory against St Lucia Stars in Match 6 of the 2017 Hero Caribbean Premier League.After the Knight Riders had restricted the Stars to 118 for 9 it seemed as if they had the match won. However, a fantastic spell of bowling from Shane Shillingford reduced the Knight Riders to 52 for 5 on a turning pitch that demanded a partnership of great responsibility from Shadab and Searles who inch-by-inch, marshalled the Knight Riders towards their target.Eventually they got there in a flourish as Searles clubbed back-to-back sixes before two balls later guiding a four to complete the chase, but they were made to work bitterly hard before then by some tight bowling.Brendon McCullum and Sunil Narine had got the Knight Riders off to a typically quick start, Narine slamming a straight six before McCullum hit three of his own with some scintillating shots. After three overs they had 35 runs on the board but the trouble was their aggressive approach had cost them three wickets: Narine, McCullum and Colin Munro all back in the dugout.It was not until the Knight Riders lost two more wickets: Darren Bravo—bowled when trying to cut and Denesh Ramdin—bowled by a quicker one, that the home team appeared to adjust their approach. By that point they had been reduced to 52 for 5 and Shillingford had taken four wickets.When Dwayne Bravo’s brief resistance was ended by a searing yorker from Mitchell McClenaghan, the Knight Riders were 75 for 6 and the Stars were favourites for the first time in the match.However, it was that wicket that brought together Shadab and Searles who combined brave boundary attempts with sensible placement and busy running to take the Knight Riders home.Earlier in the evening Trinbago bowled brilliantly after winning the toss to restrict the Stars to just 118 for 9.Slow left arm spinner Khary Pierre opened the bowling and started with a maiden to Johnson Charles. With the first ball of the third over Pierre trapped Charles lbw with one that didn’t turn.After Pierre had bowled his four overs straight through—finishing with 1 for 15—it was the medium pace of Kevon Cooper that made the second breakthrough, finding Kamran’s edge with an off cutter.Two boundaries from Fletcher off Dwayne Bravo’s first over—the ninth—were the last moments of joy for the Stars before a brilliant middle-over squeeze begun. It took the Stars 52 more balls to find the boundary again as Shadab, Narine and Cooper bowled with exemplary control.The final four overs of the innings brought 35 runs and four wickets as the Stars desperately hit-out. That only ten of those runs came from boundaries was indicative of the nature of the pitch. The TKR spinners—Pierre, Shadab and Narine—finished with 3 for 48 across their 12 overs, while Cooper took 3 for 21. Bravo and Ronsford Beaton’s four overs cost 43. Little did they know quite how challenging a target 119 would prove to be. (CPL T20) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedCPL 2017: Shadab shines in nervy Knight Riders winAugust 8, 2017In “latest news”CPL 2017: Tournament’s most consistent teams vie for biggest prizeSeptember 9, 2017In “latest news”Umar Akmal denies Zouks perfect home record at Hero CPLJuly 26, 2016In “Sports” read more

101 RAW Highlights Rousey vs Riott The Shield Owens vs Lashley Ziggler

first_img WWE posted these highlights after last night’s RAW in Seattle. WWE Draft confirmed to be taking place as a two-night event starting on October 11 Twitter Facebook Pinterest Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR For more RAW videos, visit WWE’s official YouTube channel. Wrestleview Weekly: Predictions for tonight’s Clash of Champions event in Charlotte WhatsApp Google+ Jim Cornette will be color commentator for brand new NWA studio wrestling serieslast_img read more

Valencia agree personal terms with Javier Hernandez

first_imgValencia have reached a personal agreement with West Ham striker Javier Hernandez according to reports from the Spanish press.It’s believed under-pressure boss Marcelino Garcia Toral had given the green light for the deal as the player himself is keen on a move to the club.The news comes following the departure of striker Michy Batshuayi, who has returned to Chelsea ahead of a loan move to Monaco.FC Barcelona, Valencia CFMatch Preview: Barcelona vs Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Is derby time in La Liga, as Barcelona welcomes Valencia to the Camp Nou Stadium tonight at 21:00 (CET).According to Football Espana, Mexico’s all-time top scorer is keen on regular first-team football and is looking for a move to La Liga due to lack of game time at the East London club.Hernandez spent the 2014/15 campaign on loan at Real Madrid, where he netted seven goals in seven league starts and has played in Germany and England since.In an interview with Marca in November, the striker ‘did not rule out’ a departure from the Hammers: “My only desire is to play as much as possible and earn a starting place.”last_img read more

Buffer Zones Devised to Keep Protesters From Shells Fleet

first_imgFinal approvals for Shell Oil’s exploration season in the Chukchi Sea are expected in the coming days. And while the company is struggling to secure a home port for its ships in Seattle, they’re still set to head north by June.Download Audio:Now, the Coast Guard in Alaska is proposing a set of navigational buffer zones for when fleet arrives.The zones would cover an estimated 28 oil support vessels inUnalaska and Dutch Harbor, and about 11 in the Port of Goodhope Bay, outside Kotzebue.The Coast Guard wants to keep people and ships 100 yards away from Shell’s vessels while they’re underway, and 25 yards away while they’re at anchor.That’s the same buffer the Coast Guard used in 2012, the last time Shell was in Alaska. But it’s smaller than the safety zones they’ve set up in Seattle.Cmdr. Hector Cintron, the Coast Guard’s prevention chief in Anchorage, says the zones are based on the design of the ports and the amount of traffic nearby.“The safety zones, in general, are simply needed to ensure the maximum use of the waterways,” he says, “and that’s consistent with safe navigation practices.”The zones will also keep any protesters away from the fleet. In Seattle, the Coast Guard has set up a ‘First Amendment Zone’ near Shell’s potential terminal, where activists can assemble if they choose. But Cintron says they didn’t think they’d need one for protesters in Alaska.“Much like any other mariner in the waterway, they would have to obey the regulation — if put in place,” he says.The zones are out for public comment until June 1.If approved, they’ll take effect two weeks later in Unalaska, lasting June 15 to July 1. They last all season in Kotzebue, from July 1 to Oct. 15.That’s the same time frame for another proposed buffer zone — one to cover Shell’s drill ships when they’re at work in the Chukchi Sea. It would keep other traffic 500 meters away from the Polar Pioneerand Noble Discoverer.last_img read more

Chandrayaan2 set for launch on Monday

first_imgChennai : India’s ambitious second mission to the Moon Chandrayaan-2 will now lift off at 2.43 pm on July 22 with scientists resolving the technical glitch in GSLV-MkIII-M1 rocket that led to the aborting of the launch three days ago, space agency ISRO said on Thursday. Chandrayaan-2, which will be launched on-board the most powerful Geostationary Launch Vehicle GSLV-Mk-III dubbed ‘Baahubali, is ready “to take a billion dreams to the Moon”, the Indian Space Research Organisation said on Twitter. Also Read – CBI carrying out surprise checks at 150 government departments Advertise With Us In an update on its website, ISRO later said remedial action had been taken based on the findings of a committee formed by it to analyse the cause of the glitch following which the rocket performance was ‘normal’. “The expert committee identified the root cause of the technical snag and all corrective actions are implemented. Thereafter, the system performance is normal,” it said. Also Read – Ratul Puri’s ED custody extended by 4 more days Advertise With Us The launch of the 3,850 kg Chandrayaan-2, a three-component spacecraft comprising an orbiter, lander and rover that would explore the unchartered lunar south pole, will now take place from the second launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota at 2.43 pm. Chandrayaan-2 launch, which was called off due to a technical snag on July 15, 2019, is now rescheduled at 2:43 pm IST on Monday, July 22, 2019, ISRO tweeted on Thursday. Advertise With Us It thanked the public for their support, which it said, “propels us (ISRO) forth, yet again”. Reaching greater heights is part physics and part faith. Thank you for giving us more than enough of the latter! ISRO wrote in another tweet. Chandrayaan 2 is ready to take a billion dreams to the Moon – now stronger than ever before! Join us for the launch on Monday – 22 July, 2019 – at 2:43 PM IST, it added. The update by the ISRO, however, did not elaborate on the glitch that had led to abrupt stoppage of the countdown with 56.24 minutes left for the blast-off at 2.51 am on Monday. The snag had occurred when the liquid propellant was being loaded into the rocket’s indigenous cryogenic upper stage engine. Veteran scientists heaped praise for ISRO for calling off the launch rather hurrying into a major disaster. Soon after the snag was noticed several scientists began working on identifying the cause, addressing the issue that temporarily halted the ambitious Rs 978 crore lunar mission. The rescheduled launch would also be witnessed by nearly 5,000 people who will be accommodated at a viewing gallery, located a few km from the launch pad, thrown open to the public by the ISRO in May last. However, public wishing to view the launch have to register again for the July 22 lift-off, the ISRO said. The launch of Chandryaan-2 had missed its date earlier too when it was fixed for the first week of January. But it was shifted to July 15. The mission would explore the unchartered lunar south pole, 11 years after ISRO’s successful first lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 which scripted history by making more than 3,400 orbits around the Moon and was operational for 312 days till August 29, 2009. Chandrayaan-2 will take 54 days to accomplish the task of landing on the Moon through meticulously planned orbital phases, ISRO has said. Ahead of the July 15 aborted launch, the ISRO had said it was planning to make the soft landing of the lander – Vikram carrying rover ‘Pragyan’ – on September 6. With the rescheduling of the launch, it is not clear when the soft landing will take place. It will involve a series of critical manoeuvers to take the spacecraft to the Moon’s orbit first and then make the soft landing. Billed as the most complex and prestigious mission undertaken by the ISRO since its inception, Chandrayaan-2 will make India the fourth country to soft land a rover on the lunar surface after Russia, the United States and China.last_img read more

Music in the Making Visual Stimuli

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: X Share Listen This episode originally aired Sunday, September 17th, 2017. Catch Music in the Making every Sunday at 7:06 PM on Classical.center_img On this week’s episode of Music in the Making, we’re exploring music inspired by visual art. Though there are many examples, we’ll hear Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition and Hindemith’s Mathis der Maler.Modest Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition Jon Kimura Parker (piano) 1/25/2012 Duncan Recital HallAs the title suggests, Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition was inspired by the works of artist Viktor Hartmann. The two men were colleagues and friends, and Mussorgky was devastated by Hartmann’s death. After viewing a memorial exhibition of the artist’s work, he created these musical depictions of specific pictures. Since the exhibition, only some of Hartmann’s works are extant, and only six of Mussorgsky’s musical associations can be identified with great certainty.The Hartmann image that inspired “Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks” The Hartmann image that inspired “The Hut on Hen’s Legs”Paul Hindemith: Symphonie: Mathis der Maler Shepherd School Symphony Orchestra; Larry Rachleff, conductor 11/2/2013 Stude Concert HallThe symphonic work “Mathis der Maler,” by Paul Hindemith, is based on Renaissance painter Mathias Grunewald’s triptych, the Isenheim altarpiece. Each of the movements is named after and reflects a panel: the Concert of Angels, The Entombment, and Temptation of St. Anthony. In the first, for instance, Mary and the infant Jesus are serenaded by a chorus of angels, and thus the movement includes a quotation of of the medieval German song, “Three Angels Were Singing.”GrunewaldIsenheim Altarpiece by Grunewald 00:00 /53:00 last_img read more

More Than 100000 WordPress Websites Reportedly Infected by Russian Malware

first_img How Success Happens 2 min read Updated on July 17 at 1:55 p.m. with comments from a WordPress spokesperson.Over 100,000 WordPress sites have been infected by a Russian virus called SoakSoak, which loads an attack code onto webpages created through the uber-popular blogging platform, according to a report by Ars Technica. Google has already flagged roughly 11,000 malicious domains — though it is likely that many more than that have been compromised.According to Gizmodo, more than 70 million total sites use WordPress as a content-management system — from personal blogs to However, only self-hosted sites that use WordPress have been affected by the malware — meaning personal blogs are okay.The aim of the hackers and the consequences of the virus — whether to steal data or otherwise — remain unclear.Related: 5 Lessons Leaders Can Learn From the Sony Hacking ScandalThe malware infiltrated WordPress through a vulnerability in a slideshow plug-in called Slider Revolution. While Slider Revolution has since fixed the bug with updates — it knew about the vulnerability earlier this fall, according to Gizmodo — the older version of the plug-in is still bundled with many WordPress themes.“The biggest issue is that the RevSlider plugin is a premium plugin,” wrote Sucuri, an online security firm that was first to identify the infection. “It’s not something everyone can easily upgrade and that in itself becomes a disaster for website owners.”Ars Technica notes that Sucuri also offers a free scanner here, which can determine which sites are actively compromised. A WordPress spokesperson could neither confirm that 100,000 sites had been infected, nor that 70 million sites use the platform as a CMS.”Automattic [’s parent company] is taking action to protect sites from the vulnerability,” the company said in a statement. “VaultPress, a backup and security product, has included protection from this vulnerability since it was first announced back in September.”Related: Get This: Sony Hack Reveals Company Stored Passwords in Folder Labeled ‘Password’ Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible.center_img December 16, 2014 Listen Nowlast_img read more

Cancun authorities announce recovery project for citys urban cenotes

first_imgCancun, Q.R. — Municipal authorities in Cancun have announced the revitalization of the more than 100 public area centoes around the municipality.José Luis Castro Garibay, director of Municipal Public Services says that “The first thing that we will attend to will be the cleaning of the areas where these cenotes are located, which is the immediate work of city council. The rehabilitation will be for the population’s enjoyment but will take about a year because things still need planning.”He explained that the work will begin this week so that in about a month, the recovery of the sites will begin so they can then start with a total rehabilitation process that will require at least a year and an investment not yet estimated.During the last administration, he says authorities spoke of a rehabilitation, sanitation and cleaning program which was not carried out due to a castling of officials who determined that the issue was not a priority.Due to a lack of city upkeep, many of the cenotes have become dumping grounds, however, they are hoping to revitalize these areas with green spaces that will become neighborhood attractions for area residents.There are approximately 105 urban cenotes in and around the city of Cancún that are located in public spaces. Some of the cenotes best known to locals are those in the Ejidal belt of Region 101 and Region 235 where despite the small entrances, locals went to swim.The recovery of the centoes will fall under the responsibility of the Directorates of Ecology and Public Services.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more