Open Silver brand stores how to location the whole

silver brand more and more popular, now everyone in other channels have a detailed understanding, so for the silver brand, is a very big demand in the current market, open a brand jewelry stores, now in the industry, is to protect the investor’s money, if investors want to make more money, will be in the shop business choose silver brand stores store address.

open a brand silver jewelry stores, want to have a successful situation, in the shop when you want to do a good job in the management of the brand silver jewelry store, how to open the brand silver jewelry store? At the same time in order to make the silver brand stores have good business situation in the shop process, then the investment in the shop when a silver brand stores to choose a good store, because a good store, is to let more consumers good to note silver brand stores. read more

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2013 Xining the first batch of public rental housing 29 will be open Yaohao

Xining city to solve the housing difficulties of low-income families, new employment and migrant workers and talents of the housing problem in Xining city in 2013, the first public rental housing in September 29th will open Yaohao allocation.

this public rental housing with rent object for the audit in accordance with the conditions of public rental housing security, publicity without objection to participate in the wave number of public rental housing security of a total of 1169 households. The public rental housing supply is located in the North District Ning Zhang Lu Rui Jing River area is located in the east of the blue and Nanchuan District, a total of 500 sets. Among them, the Swiss Riverside District 300 sets, blue area of the 200 units, the rent was $8 per month and $10.5 per month, according to the housing construction area. read more

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Xining 7 new parking lot is located along the victory road and sunning Road

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation, Xining City, the first batch of 7 public temporary renovation of the parking lot.

the first batch of Xining city transformation of the 7 public temporary parking lot located in victory road and sunning along the road. Among them, the green building consulting sidewalk after the completion of the transformation has 40 parking spaces, the provincial reserve bureau sidewalk renovation was completed with 22 parking spaces, Chinese victory Bank Road branch sidewalk renovation was completed with 19 parking spaces, Acer building pavement after the completion of the transformation has 13 parking spaces, sunning road passenger station after the completion of the sidewalk renovation have 18 parking spaces, victory road pavement electronics market after the completion of the transformation has 25 parking spaces, the Bank of Qinghai Victory Road branch sidewalk renovation was completed with 17 parking spaces.It is reported that this

, 7 public temporary parking lot parking spaces all in accordance with the unified standard delimit parking lot ground, all adopt asphalt paving, and draw a guide line, convenient traffic. The parking lot is reserved for at least 3 meters at least 2 meters of sidewalk and blind, in order to ensure the parking and traffic space reserved for pedestrians.

but enjoy such intelligent parking experience also need to wait for some time. Currently, the 7 public temporary parking lot is still manual, and the implementation of the original charges.

spaces will be according to different sections of the status quo, delimit the different forms of the standard parking lot, and the implementation of appropriate signage floor reconstruction, the establishment of work.

the public temporary parking lot remediation, intelligent transportation construction will also fit in Xining City, together with the underground parking lot, and included in the intelligent traffic management in the future.  
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Dialogue Lyft co founder we focus on the establishment of the user community

recently very popular car sharing service Lyft provides a similar experience to the user between friends. I had a conversation with the company’s co-founder, John Zimmer, to discuss their services.

my understanding of Lyft is that their drivers are a group of people who love to chat. Of course, if you want to own a quiet sitting in the back of the phone, then you can play a normal taxi. I am a very like to chat with people, I found that Lyft drivers are very friendly, this is the reason why Lyft attracted me. read more

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