E commerce platform unveiled China Yiwu nternational Commodities Fair

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October 21st, the sixteenth session of the Chinese Yiwu International Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as "fair") held in Yiwu International Expo Center, fair to face the world, the national service "for the purpose, as the world’s fair in this fair but also reflects its international status, the biggest surprise is that the third session of the African the commodity exhibition, attracted more than half of African countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, for the fair considerably. In addition to Internet companies also seized the opportunity, will have moved to the fair e-commerce platform, Chinese network by Yiwu Foreign Trade Fair exhibitors and overseas businessmen set up booths to promote Yiwu local e-commerce platform.

exhibitors this year, an increase of 10%

It is reported that the

fair 2618 exhibitors, a total of 5000 international standard booths, the total exhibition area of 120 thousand square meters; is expected to attract professional customers in more than 120 thousand people, of which more than 18000 overseas merchants, the domestic and foreign trade team of more than 80. Design crafts, toys, electronic appliances, clothing shoes and hats, office culture, sports and entertainment, hardware & electrical industry 15 and international commodity exhibition hall, Africa, the National Women’s Federation, Aboriginal collaboration processing exhibition is divided into blocks, International Trade City, Binwang market seven branch.

brand this year, the number of exhibitors increased by 10% over last year, especially the decoration companies also accounted for the total number of the exhibition of 33.6%, further enhance the level of exhibitors." Yiwu mall exhibition company official said, thus it can be seen that the meaning of the fair brand appeal to the growing business.

"exhibition show" Yibo will highlight

According to the

solutions of Yiwu Fair Exhibition from 21 -25 total of 5 days, three days before the trade day, for two days after the public open day. One of the highlights of this fair is known as the "exhibition of China" – the third African commodities fair.

Organized by the Ministry of Commerce, the

African Commodities Fair has been successfully held in China for the two time. This time, it was held in Yiwu, and the international radiation of Yiwu market. From Algeria, Ethiopia, Guinea and other 29 countries and regions attended the exhibition. Display of goods involved in handicrafts, wood carving, leather products, traditional costumes, copper products, coffee, cocoa, cashew nuts, olive oil and other food, drinks and other agricultural products, jewelry, precious stones, minerals, building materials etc..

e-commerce platform to accelerate foreign trade

Chinese Yiwu World Commodity City, the brand as a world famous small commodity market in Yiwu has already brought a strong impetus to local economic development, with the rapid development of the Internet economy driven by the popularity of e-commerce, Yiwu the global market demand for e-commerce has emerged. As a local e-commerce platform in Yiwu, Yiwu foreign trade network also seize the opportunity to set up booths in the fair, exhibitors and foreign buyers to promote e-commerce platform.

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